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Stunning Mail Order Brides Online – Who They Really Are

Meet Your Dream Mail Order Bride Online

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Men are looking for marriage, too. Otherwise, why would dating sites be so popular? However, though this industry is developing and growing, a lot of people still ask the same questions, the most significant of which is: “Is mail order brides real?”

We know the answer, and our experts are ready to share their knowledge with you. So, if you are the one who dreams of marrying a foreign girl, read the info below!

How to buy mail order brides

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Some people think that there are the so-called catalog brides that sell themselves to men from the developed countries. It is not exactly true. You cannot buy brides online – you can choose the dating site, create a profile, and start searching for a girl who will change your life. The term “mail order brides cost” refers to the price of dating services, not to the price of a wife.

Consequently, all you can do to meet a wife from another country is to use dating services. However, before we move to the strategy for finding a good website, let us provide you with more detailed info on people who use these services and some tips that may improve your chances of success.

How many children do women from different countries want to have?

One of the most crucial questions is for every guy is “How many children she wants to have?” In fact, this is the second question most people ask after they ask “How does a mail order bride work?” In fact, it largely depends on a Women you marry – all people are different, and there is a chance that you meet a girl who wants to have one baby or a lady who wants to have at least three children. Nevertheless, there is the demographic statistics that may help you understand which of the foreign marriage sites to choose.

  • South America. Latin girls usually have more children than women from Eastern Europe or China. For example, in Brazil, there are a lot of families with 5-7 kids.
  • Eastern Europe. Russian and Ukrainian ladies, as well as girls from other post-Soviet countries, have fewer children – in this region, it is normal to have 1-3 kids.
  • Asian countries. In more developed Asian countries, in particular, in China and Japan, most couples have 1-2 children. In less developed countries of the region, for example, in India or the Philippines, there are more families with 3-4 kids.

Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Cuba, the Philippines, Vietnam, Russia, and Ukraine are considered the best countries to find a wife. If you have certain expectations about having a baby or babies, use the info above to make the right choice and pick one of the Latin, Eastern European or Asian sites.

The portrait of the “typical” male user – why the hottest girls marry guys from dating sites

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You probably heard about gorgeous foreign ladies who marry regular guys. What is the secret? Here are some facts about the guys who create profiles on dating websites.

There are stunning because they are:

  1. Successful and able to provide for their families.
  2. Ambitious and dedicated.
  3. Pretty conservative, in particular, when it comes to the family, i.e., they want to be breadwinners, and expect their wife to be the queen of the hearth.
  4. Very caring and supportive.
  5. Faithful.

There are two even more important things: they treat a Women like a princess and know what they want – guys who join such online communities are looking for a wife, not for an affair.

These are the main reasons why girls from dating sites marry guys they met online. We do not claim that all guys looking for marriage on the Internet are perfect – all people are unique, and you never know how someone you know for centuries can surprise you. Still, the fact is this is exactly what they are looking for in a boyfriend.

Types of women on serious dating sites for marriage

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You need to have a clear understanding of what you are looking for. Only then a foreign lady will make you happy.

Thus, you need to choose the country or at least the region. Most women are from:

  • Asia: China, India, the Philippines, and Vietnam
  • Eastern Europe: Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine
  • South America: Cuba, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, etc.

Just find more information about the characteristics of Latin, Asian, and Eastern European girls and make your choice. Then you will need to ask yourself a few more questions about a Women you want to marry. Is she blonde or brunette? Are you okay with divorced ladies or women with children? What education do you want your wife to have, etc.

How to save money by choosing online dating instead of real dates?

If you want to save some money, just choose online dating. It may seem that it is more expensive than dating a girl next door, but it is not exactly true. Let us talk about prices and expenses in more detail.

How much does a cocktail in your city cost? Let us imagine that it is $10. Let us also assume that you take your girlfriend to a local bar, not even to a restaurant twice a week. She drinks 2-3 cocktails each time you meet. Consequently, you spend about $120 a month on cocktails only. Monthly membership on most good websites costs $10-$30.

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As for the gifts (yes, you can give your long-distance girlfriend cute gifts, too), they are more expensive in stores owned by the dating sites. Nevertheless, you can choose something less pricey, like a beautiful bouquet instead of a diamond ring. If you date a girl from your city, she will expect something more expensive, like jewelry or a designer handbag from you.

What about the trips? Yes, they are really expensive, but you do not need to fly to the Philippines or Russia every two weeks or at least once a month. Foreign brides for marriage do not even expect you to do that. Usually, a man takes one trip to meet his girlfriend in person, and then he decides if he wants to marry her.

So, even though you cannot buy mail order brides, they are much “cheaper” than “a girl next door.”

Mail order bride first message: main points

What to write in the first message? That is a complicated question, but we have some tips that may help you write a perfect “introductory” message or a short text that will help you get her attention.

  • Be creative but do not try too hard – a message like “I’m John, and I’m wearing weird socks” is even too attention-grabbing;
  • Do not use words like “hottie” or “spicy” or “sexy” – be respectful;
  • Mention something interesting about your life and ask something about hers;
  • You can write a short cute message but do not write a super-long letter.

Besides, you can send the so-called “flirts” instead of first message or “like” profiles (may be very useful for people who choose the sites that use credits as the virtual currency.)

How do we distinguish the best dating websites?

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Now you know about mail order bride pricing and how the whole system works. What is next? You need the right site. Otherwise, you will find nothing but problems. Generally speaking, you can pick the site that has been already reviewed by our experts or do your research. If you choose the second option, please, feel free to use our strategy.

So how to distinguish good sites from suspicious platforms?

  1. Read all the reviews about the platform on trusted niche sites.
  2. Visit the site to find out if it looks good enough and if it is easy to use.
  3. Read information on pricing and privacy as carefully as possible, search for some info on hidden costs.
  4. Try to reach support to find out if the team can really help you.
  5. Try to contact the ladies, find out if they answer like real people.
  6. Consider the results of your analysis, decide which aspects (benefits, discounts, number of females) are more important to you.

There are some serious dating sites for marriage that can turn your dreams into reality. Just review each of them carefully or pick any of the platforms our best experts have already chosen for you!

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